Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Gnomon School of Visual effects portfolio requirement

Portfolio outline for Entertainment Design and Digital Production

You will part of below 14 categories along with entertainment portfolio
  1. anatomical studies
  2. figurative and gestural pieces
  3. hard surface and perspective renderings
  4. traditional and digital paintings
  5. sculpture
  6. graphic design
  7. 3D art
  8. animation
  9. motion graphics
  10. photography

Examples of entertainment art are highly recommended 
  1. characters
  2. environments
  3. vehicles and props

Portfolios should contain between 15-20 samples of original artwork by the applicant for review.
We recommend showcasing your creative process through a range of sketches and renderings, including early concept design sketches, design variations, and finished renderings. 
Sketchbooks are a welcome addition and are considered a single piece. 
How to submit:
All pieces should be labeled with the approximate date of completion, the medium or software used, as well as any other information about the piece that will provide insight into how the piece was conceptualized and executed. Artwork created from reference must indicate so and give proper credit to reference sources. Other artists' work is not considered an appropriate reference source, with the exception of pieces created in 3D from 2D concepts. Artwork created directly from a tutorial is not considered an original piece and should not be submitted.

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